Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off To Camp

I can't believe it but R has been away at camp for two days now. It's so quiet with her and Z gone. I'm used to life in this house with out Z since this is his fifth summer away (hard to believe). It's always so interesting to see the shift in sibling dynamics when some of the siblings are not here. T seems to be enjoying being the oldest. Josh and I got to spend a little time with her alone after Denni went to sleep.

After we dropped of Z at the bus stop (He told me to leave and wouldn't give me a hug!) I took T and D to the New York Hall of Science. They had a great time playing together there. They also played together all evening. It was so interesting because they played with out any conflicts. Usually when the 3 girls are playing together D always begins to egg T on. I have noticed when R is not here she just doesn't do it. It should be interesting to see how their relationship develops with R and Z gone.


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