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Summer Phone Use

I am on a constant quest to improve my parenting skills and find ways to make my kids lies more meaningful. Like many parents I have been concerned about the amount of time my teen agers spend on their phones. This summer Temima did not go back to sleepaway camp and I was in more aware of her iPhone usage than usual since she was not in camp where for a whole month she would be phone free. This fact that kids are electronics free for 28 whole days is one of my favorite things about sleep away camp.

A few weeks ago when Denni, Temima and I went to the orthodontist I decided that we would all leave our phones at home and it was amazing. I will tell you that the girls were louder and a bit more unruly then they would have been had we had our iphones/ipods with us. There were a few rubber glove used while we were waiting in the examination room and a few rides up and down in the chair but there was lots of laughter and we were all paying attention to each other.

The next week Temima, one …

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