Happy Passover!

It's been a long few weeks and I am definitely beat. The last week before Passover always seem so tough and there is still one day left of preparations  As usual this week has been filled with those pre-passover snafus that seem to happen every year. This year they included an accident that involved a coconut, my finger, a peeler and lots of blood and an Ikea cabinet in my kitchen (where I keep all of my Passover things) that suddenly started to recline to the left and is now being kept upright by a variety of heavy objects.

Its all good though.  Much easier than having to pack up your family and having to leave home with out even having enough time for your bread to rise.

I wanted to leave you with a quick thought that I heard this Shabbat from the assistant Rabbi of my Synagogue. The first 9 plagues the Hebrews witnessed passively  Be it blood, frogs or locusts,  G-d made them happen. The 10th plague was different though. In order to escape the death of the first born the Hebrews were told to mark their doors with the blood of the pascal lamb so the angel of death would pass over their homes. For the 10th pague the Hebrews had to actively participate. They had to opt in.

That is what the Seder is all about. It's about actively making a decision to be part of the Jewish people. It's about us opting in today. May everyone who is celebrating have a joyous Passover. Next year in Jerusalem!


Chai and Home said…
Nice. I really like the 'opt-in' interpretation. Chag Sameach!
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