5 Ways to Eat Healthy During Passover

It's so easy to just throw your hands up and say that for the 8 days of Passover you are just going to eat unhealthy food. For me that creates 3 problem. 1. you just don't feel very good for those 8 days, you need to withdraw from all the sugar and carbs you have consumed and youv'e gained 5 pounds. Below are 5 easy steps to prevent taht post passover fall out.

1. Try to avoid Matza as much as possible. I know how tough that can be. Nothing is easier than taking out a box of Matza and spreading some butter or cream cheese on it. It's also super easy to make matza brei, matza pizza and matza meal pan cakes but there are options. Cooking and baking with almond meal is a great option. You can make cakes, quick breads and even pancakes with it. It is also super healthy and even more important for Passover since it is protein it will keep you full. Some of my favorite Passover foods with almond flour are banana bread, pancakes and


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