It's Finally Summer

Last Friday was the real start of my summer with the girls. The big kids are in camp and it's just the 3 of us (plus Josh on the weekends) until the end of the month. We went to the 97th Street Farmers Market in the morning. We got some zucchini and fresh garlic for dinner and we picked up some English peas, peaches and raspberries to just munch on. It's amazing how much produce kids will eat at a farmers market.

In the afternoon we went to Victorian Gardens, a mini amusement park, in Central Park. Even though it was July 3rd and essentially a national holiday it was not that crowded. We did not have to wait more than 5 minutes for any ride. The girls had a great time and D seems to have moved up a notch in bravery. She went on almost all the rides!

Sunday, D, T and I saw Pinkalicious, The Musical. The girls loved it. J drove down with us and watched Wimbledon at a bar (I know that sounds funny!) while we were at the show. After the show we went to lunch and then to Battery Park. I had read about what sounded like a great play ground in Time Out NY Kids. We walked through the park and found a playground but quite frankly it was nothing special. The kids played for about 45 minutes and then we went to find the bathroom before we left. There was a quiet path near the bathroom and we found Teardrop park (the park that Time Out NY Kids suggested).

Wow! I can only describe it like an oasis. It had a beautiful, shady lawn, very cool sprinklers and a very tall and long slide. We ended up spending another hour at the park and T and D had a great time. We only left because it was getting late. We will definitely go back.

Today was our first ice skating lesson at the Ice House in Hackensack, New Jersey. It is just as easy to get to as Chelsea Piers and the lessons are cheaper and just as good. D went first and lasted for about 2 minutes. T lasted the whole half hour and really made some good progress. She was able to do a little skating with out holding on. Ddecided that she wanted to try again and did another 5 minutes with her teacher. She seemed to like it better the second time she went on the ice.

This afternoon we went to Hippo Playground to meet D's friend and luckily ended up meeting a bunch of other friends also. There was a nice group of kids for the girls to play with. We spent some time at Crab Apple Grove where the kids ran around in the grass, climbed the trees and picked, ate and then spit out some very sour crab apples. We ended up staying at the park for 3 hours. I am exhausted. T and D are watching a movie while I am writing.

Tomorrow we are going to lay low. The only thing we have to do is go to Fairway since I have no food in my house. Joy (my babysitter) is coming tomorrow at 4pm. I will hopefully get to Yoga and then J and I have a date at the movies!


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