Wednesday R (9.5), went to Dunkin Donuts with our neighbor E alone for the first time and today they went out to lunch by themselves. Tonight I put D (3.75) to sleep in the girl's room for the first time. It is 3:04AM (I'm up because of the nap I took today and the break fast cup of coffee. It was Tisha B'Av today) and she is still there, hopefully fast asleep. This is the first time in 10 years that my husband and I have had our bedroom to ourselves. It was also Z's (13) first 25 hour fast. I am amazed at his fortitude. When I was his age I would never have fasted for that long (of course I was not an observant Jew). A lot of what kids do ritually can seem like a habit but the fact that he made the choice to fast seems significant to me. There have been big changes going on in my family. It's one of those moments when I can see how much my kids have grown up recently.


Anonymous said…
Tyler is sleeping in his own bed tonight too; it's the first time in a very, very, long time. He'll be fine, I won't!
FYI D has not slept in the girls room since!

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