Recipe: Last Minute Upper West Side Shavuot Cheese Cake

Shavuot is know as the dairy holiday (Check out this Aish link  to find out why). This is one of the reasons why Shavuot is my favorite holiday. Since there is a  separation of meat and milk observant Jews can't bake with dairy products when they serve meat so most on most Shabbats and holidays. We have to find non dairy substitutes when making dessert. Not that it means that dessert can't be delicious but let's face it, non dairy cakes and ice cream just does not taste as good as their dairy brethren.

Cheesecake has become synonymous with Shavuot. Almost everyone will serve cheesecake at least once during the holiday but it is a little complicated to make. Each year I plan to finally learn how to make a cheese cake but the truth is with this cheesecake as an option it just doesn't make sense to bother buying a 10" spingform pan! Below is my go to cheesecake recipe. It always comes out perfect!

1. Walk or take a bus, train or cab to Fairway.

2. Go to the bakery and get either a 5 inch cheesecake for $6.99, a 7 inch cheesecake for $11.99 or a 10 inch cheesecake for $16.99.

3. Pay at the register

4. Bring it home and put it in the fridge

5. Eat it on Shavuot!

As a friend of mine once said  "you couldn't make this good a cheesecake yourself for less money."

Chag Sameach!


We love the idea of this last minute cheesecake! Our personal favorite (as is the case with many New Yorkers) is Juniors. What is your favorite bakery for cheesecake?
I used to go to Juniors for cheesecake before I was kosher! They actually sell a kosher version at Fairway but it's full of additives and chemicals. As far as kosher cheesecakes go I think Fairway's are the best.
A Kosher Junior's Cheesecake? Too bad about all the additives. We will have to give the ones at Fairway's a try. Biggest pet peeve is dry New York Cheesecake, so it's hard to find a place that really makes them right. Thanks for the recommendation!
I'll be sure to check this out one day, I love tasting different cheesecakes.
Thank you very much for sharing this, it looks absolutely delicious.
andieclark said…
Your cheesecake recipe sounds so delicious! Just be careful to eat too much sweets so you won't get toothaches. I suggest you go to the Jackson TN dentists in case you need to.
Unknown said…
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