The Fox Soccer Channel, Animal Planet, Sprout And Pay Per View Porn???

Z is a huge soccer fan and he really wanted me to get him the Fox Soccer channel so he could watch the games. About a week ago I finally agreed to order it for him and everyone was happy until I discovered that we also now had about 10 pay per view pornography stations. Figuring that Time Warner must have made a mistake and turned on too many stations when they upgraded me, I called them and asked them to please remove these stations.

The first thing I was told was that I should just put the parental controls on them. I explained that I didn't want these stations in my home on principle. Again I was told that I should just put on the parental controls. After some more back and forth along these lines they agreed to take them off. Of course the next morning they were still there.

To make a long story short after a bunch of phone calls and my upgrade being cancelled and then reordered they finally admitted that there was nothing they could do because the pornography pay per view stations came with my upgrade. This was insane as far I was concerned. If I wanted to have the Fox Soccer network and lets say Animal Planet or Sprout I had to get pay for view porn with it. I decided to cancel my service and ordered RCN another local cable company.

RCN came the next day and replaced our cable and our Internet. So far it's been great. My favorite thing about it is that it comes with Pandora Internet radio. This means we can listen to Pandora, which we love, and not have to have the computer on. It also comes with a bunch of free pay per view channels (Yeah Scooby Do!) for the kids. Best of all we now have the Fox Soccer channel, Animal Planet and Sprout with out having to have pay per view porn.


Anonymous said…
Nice job! Too few people would have gone to that length.
Hi Anon,

It was one of the few times that I actually did something about an unsavory situation. It was so simple to do. It took one phone call to get info about RCN's packages and make an appointment and one phone call to cancel Time Warner.

Martha Wild said…
I really admire you for taking a stand like that. I wish more of us with these values would have the backbone you have. I saw something objectionable on a TV movie channel the other morning (Bikini Escort?) and I really have not pursued it with the cable company. But the family is too busy for TV anyway.
Hi Martha!

Isn't it the best when the kids are too busy to watch TV!

Nicolas Brown said…
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