We love Wikipedia around here and use it often. This amazing resource is free and also free of advertising. How do they do it? By having a volunteer staff and by relying on donations. Below is a message from founder Jimmy Wales that I think that anyone who has used Wikipedia should read. I have also included this link if you decide to take the plunge and make even a small donation.

From Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales


Marny said…
Shalom! Hope your Chanukah was filled with blessings and laughter and love and latkes!

Thanks to you I got off my tush and made a donation to Wikipedia.

I also let them know that your website got my ADDorable self off the Procrastination Couch.
rachel molly said…
I have heard that kids aren't supposed to be using the Internet as a main source in writing papers but that wikipedia always comes through as the most reliable...

I agree with you on it being reliable. I always tell my kids to check it when researching something. The good news is that the entries often have foot notes so you can often find material that you can use for a research paper on it.


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