Only 10 days till Rosh HaShanah? Yikes!

Well it's hard to believe that Rosh HaShana is just 10 days away. Have I done any planning? No. Have I done any cooking? No. Every time I sit down to try to figure out what needs to be done I get distracted. Maybe one of the kids needs me or our new dog Molly looks really cute and I just have to get up and pet her. At least I no longer sit and look at the dogs on Petfinders for hours on end. Of course I also spend a lot of time reading my favorite blogs and wondering how everyone else manages to post and get lots of stuff done.

My big kids just got on the bus to go to school so it's just D and me today until 4pm. It will be really strange not having all the kids around today. I wonder if it will make things easier or harder. With her siblings around D always had someone to play with so I was able to get some things done around the house.

Today my plan is to make some round challahs for the holidays and and plan my meals but first I need to play with the dog.


Anonymous said…
Looks like we are all in the same boat. Would love it if you posted any easy, make-ahead recipes so we can try them out. How hard is it to make challah? I alway buy them and am not sure I have any time to do it. I'm now, at 12:23 am printing recipes from
Anonymous said…
I was thinking of making challah.

What kind of pans do you use to make round challahs?
What kind of flour do you use?
Thank you.
I will try to post some make ahead recipes and an easy challah recipe in the next few days if I can find the time.

Challah is not hard to make at all. I used flat pans and hand coiled them. All you need to do is roll out the dough into a piece that gradually gets thinner at one end. Start with the thicker end in the middle and just coil it around. Spice and Spirit has a good diagram of this in the challah section.

I have been using white flour for my challah as a special Shabbat treat although I know this is not the healthiest option!
Anonymous said…
I am still recooperating from the very late Labor Day weekend and start of school.
On challahs, I haven't quite gotten the best whole/white wheat ratio down.
In terms of holiday prep (and weekly prep throughout the year): any tips on how to use Fresh Direct most efficiently? Do you have a regular Monday order to replenish or is mid-week better so that you can cook for shabbat?
I want to like fresh direct but I just can't. They don't carry enough of the products I use to make it worth my time to order from them. They just don't understand the zeitgeist of the Upper West side like Fairway does so I brave Fairway on Mondays and do a big shopping (I don't go until after 11 AM so they have had time to restock their produce with Monday's deliveries). I go again on Thursday morning to get what ever else I need for my Shabbat cooking.

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