Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interesting Apple Link: List of Apple Cultivars

I just found this Wikipedia link about apples when I was looking for some info on the macoun apples I picked today. I think it is totally fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Levana (the UWS chef)has a super easy applesauce recipe-i remember now-you boil the apples cored but with their peels (super easy) in apple cider. You can add cinnamon, cardamon,cloves, whatever you like and boil. When they soften you pour through a strainer and the peels just fall off yet leave a little color. It was really good.

So the blackberry does let you comment on blogs afterall!

Upper West Side Mom said...

Now you just need to chose an identity so people will realize that all of these Anonymous posts are actually different people!

I am definitely going to add some cinnamon to the apple sauce the next time I make it. It sounds delicious.

susane said...

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