Crafts for Kids: Chinese Staircase Paper Chains for Sukkot

R came home from school a few weeks ago and showed me a paper chain that she had made in art class. I immediately recognized it as the chain that I used to make as a kid out of Juicy Fruit and Big Red wrappers. I thought that these paper chains would look great in our Sukkah. So far we have 12 feet of lavender and 12 feet of pink. They did not take a long time at all to make. I was actually surprised how quickly we ended up with over 24 feet of them.

I cut 1 inch strips from 9x12 construction paper using a clear plastic rule, a craft knife and a mat to protect my table (I cut about 5 or 6 pieces at a time). Then I folded the strips in half, opened them up and folded the ends into the center fold

When you have two pieces of paper that have been folded up you are ready to begin connecting them. Hold each piece at the end with the single V. Put the two corners on the top of one V through the 2 loops of the other V and pull it all the way through. Keep doing this over and over and over (you will alternate between putting it through the left side and right side) until your chain is the length that you want it to be! FYI, I would usually fold ten pieces at a time, connect them all and then fold up another 10 pieces


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