Silly Putty

A few weeks ago I found 2 hunks of Silly Putty in D's hair. I did what I thought I had to do; I cut it out. Thankfully they were not in the top layer of her hair and you could not tell what I had done by looking at her. I asked her and both of her sisters if they knew how it got into her hair. Of course no one had any clue.

This morning when I was putting D's hair into a ponytail I found 2 more hunks of Silly Putty. They were both in places that would be very noticeable if they were cut it out of her hair. Luckily for us we were running late so she went to school with her hair looking like it had 2 rats nests in it. I was obviously going to have to make our home a Silly Putty free zone.

While Ravi was taking her tap class this afternoon, one of the babysitters who I have become friendly with told me told me I could get it out with conditioner and a comb. I was definitely skeptical but guess what? It worked! All I did was wash her hair and then comb it when the conditioner was in it. My kids are so happy that I no longer have to ban Silly Putty from our home.


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