The Barnacle

Since I've pretty much stopped nursing D at night it feels like she has been nursing non stop during the day. She has also been much more demanding of my time. I kind of expected this kind of behavior but it's still been taxing.

This Shabbat we had our friends Sam and Jonathan staying with us along with their 9 year old son. Our kids had a great time playing with each other. I really expected that D would be totally occupied as she usually is when there are a bunch of kids playing here. She did spend some time playing with them but it seemed like she spent most of the time either nursing or insisting that I play with her one on one with her. The only way that I was able to hang out with the grown ups for more than 5 minutes at a time was by nursing her.

I am well aware of why she needed to nurse so much and why she needed extra attention from me but I still found it to be a difficult day. There is just so much Barbie and constant nursing that I can take. At about 3:30 she insisted that she wanted to lay down and take a nap (obviously she knew that it would be a way that she could have my full attention). I woke up an hour later with a cramp in my hip and D still on my breast.

When we were saying good bye to our friends after Shabbat ended, Jonathan mentioned to me that D was like a barnacle. I had to smile because that was exactly what she had been. What a perfect description.


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