My Princess

D is going through a very cute princess phase. Every day she goes to school dressed up. D told me that her scooter is her horse and that's why she likes riding it. I love the picture of her riding side saddle on the mechanical horse in front of a local drug store. Not to long after I took this picture D had a complete meltdown after I told her that I was not going to put anymore quarters in. Before I put the first two quarters in, I made it clear to her that there would not be any more rides after this one. Usually this works and we can peacefully walk away. This time it did not work. I can't even go into all the details of what happened during her meltdown but a few of the highlights were:

-15 minutes of her crying on the horse.

-D running away from me (but thankfully stopping as she rounded the corner).

-Her refusal to ride her scooter home.

-Her complete insistence on me carrying her and her scooter home.

-Me hoping that I would not loose it.

-The red wine I was carrying in my reusable whole foods bag breaking and the ensuing leak that left a giant stain on my skirt.

-People staring at me and my crying child, the dripping wine and the giant stain on my skirt.

-Me throwing my bag out and cutting my thumb on the broken bottle while I was fishing out the deodorant and toothpaste I had just bought.

I could have just put in 2 more quarters and I might have avoided the meltdown but I really felt like I had to stick to my guns. I know that it's important to be consistent (although I have to admit that I am not always). The meltdown was over by the time we got home. It ended as quickly as it begin and my sweet child thankfully reappeared. It's sometimes hard to remember that she will calm down in the middle of a meltdown but one of the best things about being a mother for over 13 years is that I've been through this a million times before and I know how it's going to end.


Anonymous said…
You've come a long way, baby - right??? Oy vey. These children put
gray hairs on the head. Sorry, but I had to chuckle aloud at the vision
of you with shrieking child with fairy wings on in one hand and wreaking of spilled wine...stained skirt, maybe counting to 10 over and over again? etc etc.
She is adorable, though.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't have posted anonymously - though I, of course, believe in anonymity ;) - but I couldn't remember any passwords this thing requested! Technology is going to put me in the nut house.
Anonymous said…
Anyway - you know who I am. I'm shutting up now.

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