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When I first started blogging on Upper West Side Mom over a year and a half ago, I thought of it as an attachment parenting blog. I assumed that I would write about things like breastfeeding, elimination communication, co-sleeping and other ideas that I believed in and practiced. I did write about these things but as I found my blog voice I began find that the blog was not only about attachment parenting. It was turning in to something different. It is still a parenting blog but it is more personal that I expected.

In a lot of ways my life seems to finally be moving forward. For the first time in ages I feel like I actually have some extra time. My 4 kids are now 13, 9.5, 7 and 4 and there's no one else on the way. Not having a baby means that I have been able to focus on more kid stuff (big and little). I have actually had time to cultivate new interests and friends for both me and the kids. One of the biggest changes is my life is a new found interest in crafts. There are tons of amazing craft blogs out there that have inspired me to learn about crafting. The girls and I have been doing some sewing, paper crafts and beading. I recently finished a 4 week sewing class at Purl Patchwork in Soho (who, by the way, have the most amazing fabric) and as soon as the holidays are over I am going to hopefully get myself a sewing machine. My girls are really excited to learn how to use it. I can't wait to see how this all develops.

I have also been cooking more than ever. Not having a baby or toddler has given me more time to experiment and find new recipes. I am actually surprised to find how many recipes I have posted recently. I have been doing a lot more baking now that I have a little extra time. My desert repertoire was pretty basic. My only requirements were that it was quick and of course tasted good. I am now delving into slightly more difficult recipes. Of course they still need to be somewhat quick and easy 'cause it's not like I have all day to just sit around and bake!

The thing that I am most surprised to have found is how much being Jewish has influenced what I blog about. It makes sense though, after all my husband and I send our kids to Jewish day school, are kosher and we are shomer Shabbat (Sabbath Observant). Through my blog I have discovered how much my Jewishness permeates my life in a mostly postive way!

I don't, however, want this blog to be a Jewish parenting blog that's only for Jews who send their kids to Jewish day school, are kosher and are shomer Shabbat. I am pretty certain that when I am blogging about parenting, cooking or crafting, what I write about is relevant to all kids of people. I am hoping that all kinds of people will read my blog and see how someone who is a little "different" than them lives. Then I want them to realize how much we all have in common.


tali said…
I feel like many of the things you just wrote about came from me. I think blogging make you do what you write about much better. you keep on challenging yourself. do you agree?
as for sewing...go girls. I am sure you are going to have a great time.

I wrote a little about sewing with children in this post:

Shana Tova
Amy Thomas said…
Hello- I enjoy reading your blog and can relate to many things that you write about,even though I am not Jewish and don't live in a big city like NYC.
I am a practising Roman Catholic ,who was raised in India ,lives in PA and now calls America
home.I try to pass on my faith and hopefully some of my Indian roots to my boys.
Some Sundays it is just easy to skip mass and sleep in a little longer,but then
I am inspired by mothers like you,who take your roles as mothers and jews,so seriously.
I commend and respect you for that.
Your family is fortunate to have a wise and loving mother as you and I am sure
that your children will grow up to be fine adults that make you proud.
Best Wishes
Amy Thomas

I totally agree with you about challenging yourself. It's like once it's written down your more committed to it.

I saw the sewing project a few weeks ago and thought it was great. I love how you can tell that the kids did it themselves. It's sometimes hard to not insert yourself into their creativity process.


Your comments mean so much to me. You sound like you have a very rich background to share with your family.

I know what you mean about sleeping late on Sundays. On Saturday mornings it can be so hard to get the girls up and out of the house to go to Synagogue. Especially in the winter when it's cold.
Amanda said…
Hello! I'm enjoying perusing your blog! I think you'd make an awesome homeschooling mom if you ever decided to go for it. :)

It is so funny to me that you live in NY city and shop at all the same stores I do... Target, Michael's, Starbucks...! I have a hard time picturing great big box stores in the middle of NYC, but then, I've never actually been there. LOL.

Thanks for your comment re: homeschooling!

In many ways New York City has become like all other cities and towns. A lot of independent shops can't pay the same rent that the chains can pay.

There are Starbucks every 5 blocks in Manhattan. They are like an extension of everyone's too small Manhattan apartments. When Starbucks was closing stores through out the world they were actually opening new stores in Manhattan. For the others I have to drive about 20 minutes to get to suburban New Jersey. The good news is that they are opening a Michaels our neighborhood in a week and they just opened a Whole Foods.

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