Monday, March 28, 2011

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Westhampton Eruv

I could try to explain to those who don't know what an eruv is, what it is, but it would be much easier to just check out this hilarious video.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Robbie Rosen: It's A Sad, Sad Situation

I have to admit that one of my family's guilty pleasures is American Idol. Each year we watch it from the auditions to the big finale. This year we took an instant liking to Robbie Rosen. He has a beautiful voice and he was like a hometown boy for us being that he comes from Merrick, Long Island (I'm also from Long Island!). We also loved that he seemed to be such a nice Jewish boy.

After not doing his best on Wednesday night he was given the opportunity  to sing for a wild card spot last night. He sang Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Elton John and he was phenomenal. I was absolutely sure he was going to be chosen by the judges as a wild card. Alas it was not in G-d's plan that Robbie be in the top thirteen. The Jewish mother in me thinks that this is actually a best case scenario for him. He had a great experience and now he can go back to being a regular kid (My son also made the point that it will look great on his college applications that he was in the top 24!). I really believe that he's better off playing on his high school baseball team this spring but we will all miss him.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reusable Snack Bags For Purim Mishloach Manot

It's hard to believe but Purim is less than 2 weeks away. That also means that we have only a month and a half till Pesach (Passover) but that's another story! For the girl's Mishloach Manot (small gifts of food you give to friends on Purim) we decided to make reusable snack bags. I wanted pick something that my girls could actually make and these easy bags, very much inspired by this angry chicken tutorial, fit the bill. These are good for beginers (like me and the girls!) because they do not need to be perfect to look good. 

I like that the bags are small so we won't be contributing too much to the massive amount of cookies and candies that kids get each year! By the way this fabric is printed with the actual map of the New York City subway map. It is available at
1. First cut 16 inches off your yardage with a rotary cutter. Each yard will make 10 bags.

2. Then cut that in to pieces (above) that are 7 inches wide using a rotary cutter fitted with a pinking blade.

3. If you just want to make one bag just cut one 7 inch by 16 inch piece of fabric using the regular rotary cutter for the top and bottom and the pinking rotary cutter for the sides. Of course you could always use a scissors and pinking shears.
4. Make a 1/2 inch hem on the top and the bottom of the fabric. To do this first fold over 1/2 inch of the fabric and iron the crease and then fold it over one more time and iron the crease again. When you are finished there will be no raw edges showing. Then sew across. I made the hem 1/2 inch so the girls would have more area to sew the seam but you could make a smaller seam if you want to.
5. With the good side of the fabric facing up fold down about 2 inches of the fabric.
6. Pull up the bottom of the fabric so it met with the top piece of the fabric and we sewed both the left and right sides creating a little pouch

7. Flip it right side out and flip over the flap.


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