Robbie Rosen: It's A Sad, Sad Situation

I have to admit that one of my family's guilty pleasures is American Idol. Each year we watch it from the auditions to the big finale. This year we took an instant liking to Robbie Rosen. He has a beautiful voice and he was like a hometown boy for us being that he comes from Merrick, Long Island (I'm also from Long Island!). We also loved that he seemed to be such a nice Jewish boy.

After not doing his best on Wednesday night he was given the opportunity  to sing for a wild card spot last night. He sang Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Elton John and he was phenomenal. I was absolutely sure he was going to be chosen by the judges as a wild card. Alas it was not in G-d's plan that Robbie be in the top thirteen. The Jewish mother in me thinks that this is actually a best case scenario for him. He had a great experience and now he can go back to being a regular kid (My son also made the point that it will look great on his college applications that he was in the top 24!). I really believe that he's better off playing on his high school baseball team this spring but we will all miss him.


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