Recycled Dreidel "Paper Dolls" Guest Post At Bringing Chesed (Kindness) Home

I recently discovered a new blog called Bringing Chesed (kindness) Home. I love the concept of the blog and was happy to do a guest post for Sarah. Recycled Dreidel "Paper Dolls" is a great project for kids of all ages (even toddlers!) Check it out at Bringing Chesed Home.


tali said…
this is such a great project. thanks.
Mom's are always asking me for party craft ideas - this one is perfect for the season. I'm doing some Hanukkah parties this week on the Upper West Side (Stonehenge Village Thursday) - I'll be sure to suggest it.
For those of you who are purchasing Crystal,we realize that this is one of the most important purchasing decisions you will make.
Helen said…
These are so great! I'm currently putting together our shul bulletin and looking for something to go in the kids' section - do you mind if I use this? I'll be sure to attribute your blog. Thanks!

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