Recycled Dreidel "Paper Dolls" Guest Post At Bringing Chesed (Kindness) Home

I recently discovered a new blog called Bringing Chesed (kindness) Home. I love the concept of the blog and was happy to do a guest post for Sarah. Recycled Dreidel "Paper Dolls" is a great project for kids of all ages (even toddlers!) Check it out at Bringing Chesed Home.


tali said…
this is such a great project. thanks.
Mom's are always asking me for party craft ideas - this one is perfect for the season. I'm doing some Hanukkah parties this week on the Upper West Side (Stonehenge Village Thursday) - I'll be sure to suggest it.
Helen said…
These are so great! I'm currently putting together our shul bulletin and looking for something to go in the kids' section - do you mind if I use this? I'll be sure to attribute your blog. Thanks!

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