Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interesting Links

I often read or hear of interesting links and I always mean to post them but I never get around to doing it. This week thanks to the Jewish Homeschool Carnival I will actually do it!

This month's Jewish Homeschooling Carnival is hosted by Adventures in Mama Land. Even though I'm just a wanna be there's a link for my Fall Leaves Garland. I (of course) think it would be a good project for anyone with kids.

I heard about this really cool website on NPR called Save the Words. It's a site that is trying to save words that have been removed from the Oxford English Dictionary in order to make room for new words. You can adopt a word that has been removed and try to use it as often as you can to help bring it back into fashion. The word I adopted is wilmish. It means a pasty and/or sickly complexion.

The next time you feel bad about how much TV your kids are watching read this article in the Wall Street Journal. I was shocked at how many hours a week of TV the average American pre-schooler watches. You'll also find out who's fighting to get a piece of that time.

I love this apartment that was in the New York Times Home section last week. It's got some really interesting ideas about using space when you don't have enough, a problem that most New Yorkers have.

I discovered the BBC's education site after reading about it on Patch O' Dirt Farm. My kids seem to really be enjoying it and I love the British accents that all the characters have.


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