Monday, August 2, 2010

Writopia Lab

This summer Z, R and T went to an amazing week long program called Writopia Lab. Writopia runs writing workshops for kids in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Washington DC and Los Angeles. The kids do writing exercises such as hot computer (it's like hot potato except each time you get the computer you have to quickly write something) and 2 truths and 1 lie (everyone needs to guess which are the truths and which are the lies!). They also spend the week working on a story that they read and edit with their group. Writopia has a great set up where the kids write and store their stories on Google so they can use the lap tops at Writopia and then continue their work at home on their own computer.

On paper you might not think that this is the kind of place that your kids would love and beg to go for another week but it is. My girls loved it and kept asking me to sign them up for another week. I ended up signing T up for an extra 2 weeks that she started when the Z and R left for camp. Z was a little more cryptic in his feelings about Writopia. He told me it was just OK but when I asked his teacher I was told otherwise. Apparently he " was an enthusiastic participant in the workshop" .

Writopia Lab has week long workshops through out the summer that are three hours per day, week long vacation workshops and once a week classes during the school year. I've already signed R up for a class in the fall and I expect to send T for one of the week long vacation workshops this winter.


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