Crafts: Mishloach Manot Cans

I love crafting with tissue paper. My favorite thing to do with it is to Modge Podge it on to things. I have lots of coffee cans in my recycling bin and I thought that they would make cute containers for our Mishloach Manot this year. I decided that the girls and I would decorate some white contact paper with tissue paper and Modge Podge and this was the result. Below is a quick tutorial:

Here's what you need

Empty coffee cans with removable paper labels
White contact paper
Colored tissue paper
Modge Podge (I used glossy but matte also looks nice)
Paint brushes
Tape measure

1. Take the label off the cans and then measure the can with a tape measure. Use the measurements to cut out white contact paper that will fit over the can and completely cover it.

2. Cut out the contact paper with a scissors or use a craft knife on a self healing mat.

3. Cut the tissue paper that you are going to use into small (but not tiny) squares. Don't make them all the exact same size.

4. Start Modge Podging the tissue paper on to the contact paper you cut out. You can layer the pieces on top of each other and create different shades shapes and colors. When it is totally covered let it dry.

5. When the contact paper is dry gently roll the paper so that it will "mold" around the can.

6. Strip the backing off the contact paper and stick it on the can.

7. Fill with yummy treats!


Mountainrose said…
I am always looking for recycle-able crafts, much to my hubby chagrin. He never knows what he will find in my stash.. he says it's my trash stash. May I include your idea in a crafts newsletter I put out on weekdays?

Billie C.
Orthonomics said…
Great project. Maybe we will get started this summer for next year. We should have some more tissue paper post-Purim. :)

Feel free to include this in your newsletter.


Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said…
I'm waiting for the Hamantaschen recipe and pictures!
Emily said…
Very cute! And so eco-friendly :)

And then the recipients can cut a hole in the top to turn it into a tzedakah box!
Shifra said…
This is such a pretty project (too bad my 18-month old won't appreciate it yet)! Also, congrats on your blog, it looks fantastic!

I wanted to try and find some hebrew stickers and write Tzedakah on the can and cut a hole for the coins but I thought of it too late:( I realize now that I could have just gotten English stickers and written it in English.....


It was great to see you guys at the Bar Mitzvah. Rafi looks great and we are so happy that he is doing so well. By the way you probably could do a glue and tissue paper project with Rafi. He may not be quite old enough to have the patience yet but you never know.
These came out beautiful!!

But they are too much work for me!

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