Jewish Crafts: Sparkly Hanukkah Menorahs

Any child who has attended a Jewish nursery school or kindergarten has done some kind of version of a Hanukkah menorah that was made with a piece of wood, some nuts as candle holders and paint. These menorahs are generally not keepers. I usually sneak them into the garbage right after the holiday (Sorry kids. I guess you now know where all your menorahs are!) .

While I was searching the web looking for some Hanukkah crafting inspiration I came across a more sophisticated version of this woodblock and nut menorah on It was very pretty but on the plain side. I came up with a little bit of a louder version (but not too loud) that I could do with the girls. D and T did the simpler version and R and I did a striped version that was a little more complex. You might want to do stripes on both sides of the menorah so you can practice getting the stripes as straight as possible. That's what I did and the second set of stripes I did were so much better than the first. I just need to make sure that the good side is turned to the front when we light the candles!

We really like the way the Menorah came out and I am pretty sure that these will not end up in the garbage on December 19.

This is what you need to make them:
1 Walnut Hollow wood carving block 1.75"x1.75"x10"
10 finished 1/2 hex nuts
1 1/2 " washer
Craft glue. We used Tacky Glue for the nuts and Sobo glue for the glitter.
Martha Stewart Crafts sterling glitter (any fine glitter will do but you can easily get this at Michaels)
Martha Stewart Crafts turquoise glitter
1" foam paint brush
small flat paint brush about 1/2 inch wide
Krylon Low Oder Clear Finish

1. Glue 9 nuts on the top of the wood block. The middle nut is where the Shamash candle goes (the candle you use to light the other ones). According to Jewish law the Shamash needs to be higher than the other 8 candles so I glued a washer on top of the middle nut and another nut on top of the washer.

2. When the glue is dried use the flat paint brush to spread glue all over the top of the menorah and all over the outside of the nuts. Then liberally sprinkle the glitter all over the areas covered in glue, wait a for about 30 seconds and shake off the excess.

3. If you are making stripes skip to step 4. If you are not wait for the glue to dry and then do the same to the front, back and sides, one at a time. If you are not making stripes skip to step 10.

4. If you want to make stripes draw lines with a pencil that are one inch apart on the front menorah and the back if you want to practice.

5. Tape 1" painters tape on every other rectangle, making sure that the tape had been pressed on well. Then paint the glue on the rectangles that were exposed, making sure to cover every bit of the exposed wood.

7. Liberally sprinkle the glitter on, wait about 30 seconds and shake off the extra. Carefully take the tape off.

8. Wait for the glue to dry and then carefully apply the glue to the newly exposed wood with a 1" foam paint brush. Dab the glue on to the wood, right next to the glitter stripe next to it.

9. Glue and glitter the sides of the menorah.

10. When the menorah is completely dry spray it with the clear finish


Anonymous said…
Love them! Can't wait to light them together on the 12th.
Doda said…
very cool. I might try something similar
FasterCraft said…
Love it! I'm featuring it on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for the project!
Doda, FasterCraft and puggerhugger,

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Wow, this is beautiful! I just clicked over from Craft. At first I thought it was a painted Lego! It totally made me do a double take, just lovely!
Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for the compliment. It means a lot coming from you. I am a one pretty thing fan!

Unknown said…
Very nice, Beth! Love it.
Hey hey hey hey hey, I want my old wood block menorah back! JK ;)

Bookmarking this project to try next month. I always try to make a new one each year (quite a collection building)....but there is a serious lack of glitter in the bunch. This will rectify the problem for sure. Thanks for the idea!
Anonymous said…
i am doing hanukkah for the 1st tie this year& would love to see hanukkah decoractions for my grandkids. thakyou. :)
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Monika said…
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