Busy, Busy, Busy

I am posting the abridged version of last week's home camp activities (that would be the week of 8/3. I'm falling a little behind!). With 4 kids at home I am busy, busy, busy.

Monday: I took the 3 girls to the Ice House for their ice skating lessons and we went to the uptown Fairway.

Tuesday: Z started basketball camp (he will be there through Friday). We went to a class at the Metropolotan Museum Art called AM at the MMA. It was very...dry. We left halfway through and went to the much more interesting Model as Muse exhibit. We met some friends, walked home through the park and then all the girls hung out at our house. Joy took T and D to gymnastics. R went with them to watch while I got some alone time at home

Wednesday: We went to see the movie Up which was a really enjoyable movie. Afterwards, we stopped off at Magnolia for a treat. We spent some time in the afternoon doing math work sheets from this great web site The Math Worksheet Site. The girls were able to create their own worksheets with answer keys so they could check their own work

Thursday: In the morning we did some more math work sheets. Joy took the girls to Hippo Park in the afternoon and I went to yoga

Friday: I took the girls to visit my Mom and of course had to make a quick pit stop at Michaels to buy some lanyard on the way home.

Other unspecified activities were: arts and crafts, general horsing around, reading, board games, plain old playing and yes, we also watched some TV.


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