Are You Finding It Tedious to Read My Daily Home Camping Schedule because I'm Finding It Tedious to Write It Down!

Here is an abridged version of week 7 and 8.

Week of 8/10:

Monday: Ice skating, Trader Joe's and Michaels in New Jersey with the girls.

Tuesday: R's friend S came over and Joy took all the girls to River Run Park. After the park T and D went to gymnastics.

Wednesday: We went to visit my mom and she took the girls shopping at 100% Kids in Cedarhurst. Although the prices are not cheap they have the best selection of a frum girl's best friend, Hard Tail skirts, (for kids and adults!). They also have a great selection of Shabbat and holiday clothes. My girls are now fully outfitted for the fall. Thanks Mom!!!!!

Thursday: R had a play date with a friend so I took the opportunity to take Z, T and D to the Bronx Zoo (R hates the zoo). It was a rainy, wet day but we had a great time.

Friday: Our neighbor E came home from vacation and for a special treat R and E went out by themselves to get their nails done. I can't imagine how grown up they must have felt! All of the girls and E spent the day playing together. In the afternoon I took Z to New Rochelle for a Bar Mitzvah. He has only 3 more left after this one and then we are done with our 2 year odyssey of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (this is one of the things that one has to deal with in a coed day school!).

Week of 8/17

Monday: Ice skating, Trader Joe's and Michaels in New Jersey with the girls

Tuesday: The girls played at home for most of the day. In the afternoon Joy took T and D Gymnastics and R went with E to have some "alone time" upstairs.

Wednesday: I took the girls and E to the Children's Museum of Manhattan and then we stopped off at the park on 89th St between Columbus and Amsterdam. They have a great sprinkler and playground equipment that is really meant for older kids so R does not find this park too babyish for her.

Thursday: On Wednesday my friend Janice took her son Z and my son Z to this great place called The Castle Fun Center in Orange county and the boys loved it. I decided that my friend Chana and I would take our boys and the other Z to lunch and bowling in Teaneck NJ.

Lunch at Smokey Joe's, a kosher BBQ restaurant was terrible. They seem to be under the impression that BBQ needs to have a lot of mediocre BBQ sauce on it to taste good. They have no concept of what good BBQ should taste like. It also turned out that my son does not like bowling. Oh well! I guess I will leave Z to do what he wants to do (listening to music, reading and playing basketball amongst other things).

The girls were at home with Chana's girls and they actually had a good time just hanging out. Since R, T and D had been inside all day I had Joy take them to our new favorite park on 89th St while I went to Fairway.

Friday: The K sisters came over for a double play date we went to see Ponyo. It was very interesting from a cultural standpoint. The Japanese do not baby their kids like Americans do and their kids are a lot more self sufficient than ours are. All 5 girls really enjoyed the movie. Later that afternoon the girls went to hang out at E's while I took Z to Riverdale for a Bar Mitzvah.

Other unspecified activities for the two weeks were: arts and crafts, scooter riding, cooking, general horsing around, reading, board games, plain old playing and yes, we also watched some TV.


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