Mad Libs!

Even if I never end up homeschooling my kids, my interest in it has helped me discover some very interesting ideas about education. Some of the blogs and websites that I have found have yielded some excellent information. Of course my favorite ideas seem to come from the unschooling blogs and websites!

Danielle Conger's website has great information for unschooling that you can use when you are just hanging out with the kids. Go to her unschooling link and she has a list of things that she uses and does with her kids to unschool.

Mad libs were on her list of things they have used to learn grammar so yesterday afternoon I bought some mad libs for the kids. I figured that it would be a good way for them to learn (T) and reinforce (R) parts of speech. The kids had a blast doing them (as did I). By the time that we had done 4 of them T had a pretty good concept of nouns, plural nouns, and adjectives and she was beginning to understand adverbs. Like the coin games I played last Sunday, the mad libs did not seem like work to either me or my kids. It was a relaxing and pleasant way to spend some time with each other. Something that can be hard to come by at 6 PM,


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