Getting Crafty

I had been hearing and reading a lot about the book The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections by Amanda Soule when I finally decided to get it. I have been wanting to get more crafty and this book seemed like the perfect vehicle to get me and the girls going. I read the book and I really liked it's whole schtick about creating together as a family. I was particulary drawn to the sections about embroidery and hand sewing. I thought that it would be something that the girls and I would enjoy.

There was a cute hand sewing project (a stuffed wool felt block for babies) that I thought I could do with the girls so I went to the resourse guide and found out where I could get what I needed and ordered the supplies online. Meanwhile I also saw that there was another book listed in the resourse section called Kids Embroidery: Projects for Kids of All Ages. There was something about the title that I liked so I went to Barnes and Nobel to check it out. Of course I had to buy it when I saw it. It has 15 or so projects that seem to build on your skills as progress through them.

When I got home from Barnes and Nobel, I tried to find the things I needed for the first few projects in the book and immediatly got stumped trying to find a plastic needle point canvas in 7 mesh size. I kept googleing "needlepoint canvas 7 mesh size" and not finding what I needed. This went on for a few days until I finally realized that I needed to make sure that I included the word plastic in the search. Of course I immediatly found the needlepoint canvas I needed (and the assorted scissors, needles and pins) but the website had no skeins of persian wool. In fact, it might not be possible for me to buy the needlepoint yarn on line. I'm having a hard time figuring out which colors to buy. I'm hoping that I can find some wool in Manhattan. I checked and there actually are needlepoint stores here!

While all this was going on with me purchasing supplies I found out that a friend of mine Christine has just started a new blog Origami Mommy which worked out great for my desire to find something crafty to do with my kids. Christine's blog is about paper crafts (like origami) and she had 2 great projects, little origami boxes and tissue paper flowers. The only supplies I needed to buy were tissue paper and origami paper, both readily available in my neighborhood. The girls and I made a bunch of cubes and tissue paper flowers. It also got me started on some other origami. I now know how to make a duck, a sparrow and little cups.

I'm looking forward to my sewing supplies to arriving. I can't wait to become a craftier mom!


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