Top 10 Reasons to Home School

My family has school burn out. Everyone is tired of waking up each morning and tired of homework. I'm ready to home camp my 2 youngest while my 2 oldest will be away at sleep away camp for the month of July. I can't wait to be on our night owl schedule (wake up will be after 9!). This is also the time of year that I begin to think that home schooling might actually be a good idea. I have always loved the idea for multiple reasons. This year I thought that it was time that I actually write those reasons down.

1. The almost $90,000 in tuition and busing we will be spending next year in order for our kids to have a good Jewish education.

2. I won't have to wake up my kids at 7:20 five mornings a week and then try to get them out of bed before the bus comes at 7:55.

3. A traditional school uses time very inefficiently. I am sure that if my 13 year old son had someone work with him once a week in math he would be able to learn at least one year worth of math curriculum each year and quite possibly more.

4. Since my kids are in a dual curriculum program they are in school for a longer day than other kids. They have limited time to do anything except for school. This problem will get worse in high school when the day begins at 8 and ends at 5 (this does not include any extra time spent in sports or clubs). If they were able to spend less hours being in school each day then they could actually have time to develop some other interests or even have time to just play and hang out.

5. No Homework. OK, I know this sounds ridiculous at first because I will have to be much more involved with my kids school work. The difference will be that I will not have to be the one who has to try and get them to do school work after 4pm (or later) when they have been in school all day and are exhausted.

6. I won't have to worry that my kids are eating white pasta or white bread with butter for lunch everyday.

7. My kids will have an opportunity to learn in a style that suits each of them best. No more one size fits all curriculum. If my son learns best by just reading the material then that is how he will get to do a lot of his learning. I will also have a chance to use the most progressive and creative materials I can find.

8. The chance to try unschooling with them.

9. A job that pays really well and lets me still have plenty of time with my kids(just think about how much $90,000 equals in pre-taxed income.)

10. Oh, did I mention that we will be spending almost $90,000 next year so our kids will get a good Jewish education?


Emily said…
I just read this one - I noticed the homeschooling label and took a peek. You could move to Israel as another way to get free Jewish education!!! ;)


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