More Thoughts on Home Schooling

One of the things that I love about Jewish Day School is the sense of community it fosters. The kids have this whole Jewish observant thing in common. For example: they are all kosher and they all observe Shabbat and Chagim. One of the reasons we have not yet decided to home school is because of this. I know that there are other kids that they can socialize with during the week who are also being home schooled in and around NYC but I worry that they need a chevrah. One that they can share their Siddor play and Rashi breakfast with.

There are many Jewish schools in Manhattan and my kids socialize with many kids they don't go to school with on Shabbat. Their school friends are not their only chevrah. I know from this experience that school is not the only place one can find a chevrah. I just feel like this is not well charted territory. Other non-main stream decisions that my husband and I have made, like having a home birth, had all these statistics about outcomes that made the decision a so much easier. Another difficulty with the decision is the fact that we are not making this decision for a fetus we are making this decision for 4 independent minded and ultra social kids. It's not only my life that would be drastically changed.


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