Homemade Hanukkah Candles

Last year when I saw this blog post on Flowing with My Ducklings on making Shabbat candles I thought that it would be fun for us to make our own Hanukkah candles. I ordered two 10 packs of 8" x 16" sheets of beeswax and wicks but I never got around to making the candles. While I was cleaning out my cabinets a few weeks ago I came across the wax so I decided that the girls and I would make some Hanukkah candles this year. You can buy individual sheets and 12 packs of beeswax sheets and wicks from this page at candlemakingsupplies.net (scroll down for the wicks).

FYI according to Jewish law candles must burn for 30 minutes. The 4 inch candles I made burned for 45 minutes. I also made candles that were a little bit thinner (4" by 1 1/2"candles) that also burned for 45 minutes and taller ones (5" by 2") that burned for an hour.


8" by 16" sheets of beeswax
Wicks cut to 4 3/4"
Sharp knife/craft knife
A surface to cut the wax on that won't be ruined by the knife 
Scissors to cut the wicks

1. First cut each sheet into half length wise but do not separate the 2 pieces.

2. Cut the two halves into eight pieces that are 2" wide each. You will end up with sixteen 2" by 4" rectangles

Place a wick at the very bottom of the the 2" by 4"piece of wax and push it into the wax.

Tightly roll the candle up.



Christ said…
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tyler said…
Great how-to! I've got to try this
Great how-to. Making candles for the Menorah is a great way to get the whole family more involved in the holiday. Candle making is a fun activity that not many people know how to do, especially at home. Thank you for sharing!
rosy123 said…
Je vais profiter de cet été pour faire tout ca ! Bref tout ca pour te dire merci pour tous ces conseils !!
vraie voyance gratuite par mail

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