Tiger Lilly

We are having a great time in Jerusalem and I plan to write about my trip at some point but I have an urgent matter that I want to let all of you know about. There is this amazing kitten that has been hanging around our apartment. She is so sweet and playful and she loves kids. As many of you know I am a dog person and generally I don't fall in love with cats. She is so sociable and seems to prefer human company to cat company. She is a very doggy cat.

It is actually fairly easy to adopt a cat from Israel to the US. I would be happy to defray some or all of the costs of getting her to you. We have strongly considered taking her but I am worried that Tiger Lilly and Molly won't get along. If this was a US rescue I could see how it went and if they did not get along I could bring Tiger Lilly back to the rescue.

Please email me if you are interested in her.


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