My husband is much cooler than I am. He was the captain of the his football team in high school and he reads Pitchfork. He also knows about lots of cool things before I do such as Instagram. He recently installed the app on my iphone and I am totally in love with it. It's an app that makes your mobile pictures look really hip and creative, something that I definitely need help with. Below are a few pictures that were hipped up by Instagram. They were originally totally average mobile pics but Instagram took them to  another level!

 D Ice skating at Lasker rink
 R and Molly 
 T after D accidently swung some ice cream her way
I didn't take the picture but I Instagramed it!


Anonymous said…
I enjoy reading your blog - however, the fonts are tough on my eyes.

Send bagels and appetizing, please! This coast hasn't got the goods.

Shalom to all.
I just changed the fonts color to black. I hope it's easier to read because I love the way the font looks!

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