8:04 AM In A Kitchen On The Upper West Side

The holidays are finally over and we have been trying hard to get back to normal around here. We are finally getting back on schedule and by Thursday everyone was able to get out of bed when the alarm went off. In comparison to getting ready to serve six Yom Tov and Shabbat meals for past 3 out of 4 of weeks preparing for Shabbat was a breeze. I am also particularly glad not to be running around and trying keeping our home clean lest anyone come over and see what really goes on around here. 

I am really trying to be more relaxed about the state of my home when people come over although it's not easy. I rush to clean the living room, dining room and kitchen if we are having guests lest anyone know that I am in fact a bit of slob. 

I don't know why so many women feel the same way that I do but I do know that when we rush to clean up when someone is coming over all we do is raise expectation. This is why I have decided to post this picture of what my kitchen looks like each and every morning after everyone leaves home. It's time to for us to lower the expectations!


Fashion-isha said…
You're so right! I literally get into a bad mood if someone shows up and my house is a mess. I'm always apologizing, but we have full lives with big families, it should NOT be perfect. Then something would be wrong.

Thanks for your advice and support on my blog it's nice to meet another frum blogger out there!

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