Usborn How To Draw Books

One of the things that I don't like about living in Manhattan is that when it's cold out you are really exposed to the weather since everyone one does so much walking. When you live in the burbs or the country if you need to run out and get milk you jump into your car. In the city you have to walk to the market to get milk. This can be a real drag when it's 18 degrees outside. 

Since mid December it has been freezing and snowy (we have had 56 inches of snow this year!). There have been far too many days that the temperature has stayed in the 20's or even the teens so we have been spending a lot of time indoors. In their free time the girls have been doing a lot of drawing, something that I am not great at. Recently I found some how to draw books that have been helping all of us to draw.

We have three of them that we all have been enjoying from Usborn. They are: How To Draw Animals, What Shall I Draw and I Can Draw People. I really like the cute pictures and the instructions are clear and easy to follow even for little ones. Below are a few examples of some pictures the girls have drawn from them. I'm sure we will be using them even when the weather gets warm.

D age 5
T age 8
R age 11


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