A Kosher Vacation

Traveling when you are kosher can be a major pain. If there is no kosher food available where you are going you have to figure out a way to feed your family while you are away. This generally means that you are shlepping a fair amount of food with you. When you get to your destination the first thing you need to do is find a market where you can get the the rest of the things that you will need. I find this to be very stressful and not very relaxing. Who wants to prepare 3 meals a day while you are supposed to be on vacation?

I just had the most amazing vacation and I did not have to bring an ounce of food with me. We stayed in Aventura (which is right next to North Miami Beach) at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort and Club. When I got it into my head that my family needed a vacation I decided that I was going to find myself a good deal at a really nice hotel in Miami. With the general economy in the dumps and the fact that Bernie Madoff had done a job to the kind of people who frequent Turnberry we got a great deal there. In addition they upgraded our rooms 2 levels higher than the ones we had booked.

Our rooms had a great view of the golf course and both had balconies. The pool there was amazing. It was a walk in pool so D was able to play in the shallowest area but I could still keep an eye on the older girls in the deeper water (If it had been a regular pool with a separate kiddie pool I would have been in an impossible situation). The pool also had a waterfall and a great water slide that even my dare devil almost 13 year old thought was fun. Besides for the pool, there was a lazy river that the kids loved.

The best part of the vacation for me though was that there were so many good kosher restaurants with in 5 or 10 minute drive from the hotel. For breakfast we had cereal in our room. Then we either ate lunch or dinner at a local restaurant or we had take out from this great place called Sara's Tent (they had meat take out and a separate pizza counter). There was also a Hagen Daz in the beautiful mall right across from the hotel.

My husband took my son to a Heat game one night (I took the girls to the mall for ice cream and a little shopping) and we spent part of one of the days in South Beach but we essentially hung out by the pool and drank smoothies. I really felt like I had the kind of vacation that I used to have before I was kosher. It was so liberating not to have to worry about food.


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